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G7 Climate, Energy, and Environment Ministers Commit to Clean Cooking

The CEO of the Clean Cooking Alliance, Dymphna van der Lans, has issued a statement in response to the recent G7 Climate, Energy, and Environment Ministers meeting in Italy. She commended the G7 Ministers for their dedication to clean cooking, emphasizing its importance in ‘just, inclusive, and sustainable energy transitions.’

This highlights the pressing need to address a global crisis that is often overlooked and lacks sufficient funding. It is crucial to translate these commitments into tangible actions. Since its establishment in 2010, the Clean Cooking Alliance has been working towards ensuring clean cooking access for the billions who currently lack it. The G7 Communiqué acknowledges and supports these efforts.

We call upon all G7 member states to not only uphold their commitments but also provide the necessary resources and actions to resolve this crisis. This crisis not only costs the global economy over $2 trillion annually but also contributes significantly to climate-harming emissions, equivalent to those of the global aviation and shipping industries. The G7’s firm endorsement of clean cooking serves as a vital reminder of why global access to clean cooking is imperative, and governments must intervene by allocating the required resources to address this issue. G7 Climate Energy and Environment Ministers

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