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Ghana is the leading Investment Destination in West Africa and fastest growing economy in the world

Ghana is a leading destination for foreign investment in West Africa. Not only does it identify as an increasingly stable governance, but is also the fastest growing economy in the world, according to the World Bank (2020).   

As Centurion Law and its network look to put a spotlight on the continent on how to do business in Africa, the new knowledge and legal platform shines a light on Ghana and all of its potential.

The country has developed into an established business destination for investors seeking a conducive business environment. With huge growth potential and opportunities, the Africa Investment Guide highlights Ghana’s dynamic landscape and nature to do business. Moreover, the guides take a thorough dive into each African country’s legal, regulatory, fiscal, and investment landscapes, identifying and breaking down regulations and practices to enable investors and corporations better grasp the structures and operate compliantly on the continent.

Having published four country guide spotlights, the Africa Investment guide looks to provide guidance and a wide range of legal and business information on all major aspects of your future business venture on the continent.

To access the Ghana Africa investment Guide, register here: ( or email [email protected] for more information. #AfricaInvestmentGuide

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