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Global technology company, SLB, opens West Africa regional office in Lagos

Multinational technology business, SLB (previously known as Schlumberger) (, formally opened its new West Africa regional headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. In October 2022, the firm unveiled a new identity concentrating on energy innovation and decarbonization to answer the world’s energy demands now and to create the route forward for the energy transition. This new identity is reflected in the new West Africa headquarters, which will enhance employee satisfaction and foster a thriving business environment for all parties involved.

Through daylight harvesting, interactive and collaborative hotspots for staff, accessibility for people with disabilities, and other interesting elements, its contemporary design symbolizes the company’s ambitious sustainability strategy.

Sopiribo Ideriah, managing director for SLB in West African countries, gave a speech at the office opening in Lagos. In it, he said, “As a technology leader, our unmatched market breadth, differentiated performance, and unique portfolio of products and service, has always positioned us for growth and advancement in the energy industry. Our employees, who form the foundation of our business, are responsible for all of this. I want to express my gratitude to all SLB employees, past and present, for their dedication and passion in providing our clients with top-notch services.

The celebration of SLB’s presence in Nigeria marking its 70th anniversary fell on the same day as the ceremony. “SLB has operated as a local business in Nigeria for seven decades. In Oloibiri, Bayelsa State, in 1952, SLB logged Nigeria’s first commercial oil well. Since then, the company has also logged a number of important wells across the nation. As a result of our capacity to continuously foster technological innovation, new oilfield technologies have been created that improve operational performance for our clients while upholding the highest HSE standards, eventually providing value to all of our stakeholders. We have significantly contributed to the capacity development of Nigeria by investing in local socio-economic projects and fostering local talent through our culture of borderless career opportunities. We are confident that we will continue to conduct business in ways that are advantageous to Nigeria.

Also speaking at the ceremony, Wallace Pescarini, president of the Offshore Atlantic Basin at SLB, stated I would want to take this opportunity to convey my gratitude to our many stakeholders for their support over the years, including our clients, suppliers, contractors, other business partners. Without your help, we would not have been able to realize our dream of developing incredible technology to open up access to energy for the benefit of all. We are still committed to generating value for our clients and other significant Nigerian stakeholders as we look to the future and its changing energy landscape.

SLB welcomed important stakeholders at a dinner following the launch of its regional headquarters where the company’s inventive past and illustrious present were recognized and celebrated.

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