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How to Craft a Powerful Founder’s Story in 7 Easy Steps by Neeraj Shah

In today’s issue, I want to show you a powerful storytelling formula.

If you can master this formula (and anyone can) you’ll unlock human emotions that will help your story will reach tens of thousands of people.

The problem is that most people don’t write stories using proven formulas or systems.

Your story isn’t resonating because you don’t have a formula for injecting human emotion.

If you don’t understand how human emotions work, it’s tough to write a great story.

I struggled to tell my stories effectively when I started 

  • I didn’t have a system
  • I didn’t understand the psychology
  • I didn’t know anything about storytelling

Because of that, whenever I tried telling my story it would land with a thud. Nobody found it interesting. Nobody engaged. Nobody cared. I felt embarrassed.

That sucked.

Let me show you an easy trick to help solve these problems.

Here is my 7-step formula It’s my variation of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s journey.

  1. The Negative Event
  2. The Internal Pain
  3. The External Pain
  4. The Guide or Experience
  5. The Spark
  6. The Results
  7. The Moral of the Story

Step 1: Highlight something painful or problematic

The first line of your story should highlight a painful problem or event that you faced. It triggered your pain.


first line of Neeraj's post

This line is intended to do 2 things:

  1. Elicit a strong emotional response
  2. Get the reader to the next line


Step 2: Express your internal pain

People often write about problems, but they forget the most critical part: expressing their pain.

How did you feel? This gets under the reader’s skin and makes them feel what you were feeling.

Step 3: Express your external pain

Share how others around you reacted. Did it prompt you or them to do something?

These feelings inject emotion into the story.

The emotions and details are what make the story “sticky” and memorable. 

How I felt after this traumatic event

Step 4: Introduce a guide or an experience that acted as a catalyst 

Ok, we’ve introduced a problem and we’ve agitated our audience. The next step is to introduce a person or experience that acts as a catalyst for change.

It is someone or something external that helps you with a new insight that brings hope.

In this particular piece of content, I introduce my mentor, Tony Robbins and a life-changing experience at one of his seminars: 

A mentor guided me and changed my perspective

Step 5: Explain how this experience or mentor sparked positive change in your life. 

This new perspective triggers positive changes. What are they? How did they impact you? What did you do differently and feel?

This is the pivot point of positive change. Now you are taking your audience on a positive spiral. This is what happened for me:

How the spark changed my life

Step 6: Share the positive results of this change 

Share how this “spark” in your life inspires positive results in your life. This is the rollercoaster from the lows to the highs. It gives your audience hope.

No alt text provided for this image

Step 7: Share the ‘Moral of the Story” 

Give your audience a summary of the tangible takeaways from your story. It inspires your audience to act. It’s a great way to bookend your story. It makes your story even more memorable.

The Moral of the story

And that post ended up with 30,615 impressions, 323 engagements, 111 comments, and drove my profile views up 336%. Here’s a link to the original post on LinkedIn.

I hope this inspires you to share your story. Everyone has a story worth sharing.


  1. The Negative Event
  2. The Internal Pain
  3. The External Pain
  4. The Guide or Experience
  5. The Spark
  6. The Results
  7. The Moral of the Story

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