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HR Executive Breakfast meeting, August 9, 2018

The objective of the August 2018 edition of the HR Executive Breakfast meeting help Human Resource Practitioners shift from mere Employee Engagement to the creation of the right experience and environment that would help employees to become more productive and efficient through the use of technology and proven practices. We expect that with the practice of these guaranteed principles, practices and technologies that would be discussed and showcased at this conference, Human Resource Professionals would be better equipped to drive organizational excellence and profitability.

We anticipate a mixed audience mostly of corporate employees in middle to senior HR management positions, as well as entrepreneurs who are passionate for change and have a burning desire to see their staff and businesses as a whole become more efficient, and leap into new levels of growth and profitability. Many of such businesses are at inflection points within their life cycle, having implemented previous HR technologies and strategies that could only get them this far, and as such they seek a more immutable game plan that will guarantee them the efficiency and measured interminable business triumphs.

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Details of the August 2018 edition of the HR Executive Breakfast meeting are detailed below:

– Venue: Westwood Hotel, Ikoyi, 22 Awolowo Road,Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

– Topic: Shift from Employee Engagement to Employee Experience

– Date: 9 August, 2018

– Time: 10.00 am – 1.00 pm

– Facilitators

  • Kemi Oyedele Aro (FMN Group HR Manager)
  • Seun Akinyelu (GODP)
  • Oracle Team

– Expected Participants

  • Human Resource Managers and Directors
  • CEO/ Directors at Human Resource Practice/ Consulting Firm

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