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HR tech startup, Propel, raises $2.74 million seed funding

Propel, a human resources technology firm with offices in Nigeria, has acquired $2.74 million (€2.5 million) in seed funding to hasten the uptake and dissemination of its community-as-a-service platform.

The financing was led by No Such Ventures, with APX, Golden Egg Check, and Future of Learning Fund also participating.

Propel is a firm that was established in 2020 by Sunkanmi Ola, Seun Owolabi, and Abel Agoi. It aims to assist multinational corporations in lowering the risk associated with recruiting remote workers from emerging countries, particularly Africa.

PROPEL is community-based because “communities are the building blocks of any tech ecosystem, particularly emerging market ecosystems.

Although most digital communities grow their talent pools and upskill their members, communities usually struggle with the final step of translating these talents into jobs.

As a result, Propel acts as a conduit for talent in these tech communities, bringing them to a network of organisations that are mandated to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and that have a need to fill particular employment roles.

In exchange for supplying last-mile infrastructure, the company says it links to the different talent pools within these tech communities, encompassing multiple skill sets from software development to design, data science to no-code, and other digital transformation talents.

The pipeline is then made available to international businesses by Propel utilising a “community-as-a-service” business model.

Additionally, computer talent from these communities can profit from access to workstations, healthcare, and, much later, financial services like loans and asset finance, in addition to job prospects.

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