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In the Spotlight: Chioma Angela Onukogu’s Role as AfDB Director of Board Affairs

Chioma Angela Onukogu has been appointed as the Director of Board Affairs and Proceedings in the Office of the Secretary General and the General Secretariat of the African Development Bank. This appointment will be effective from April 16, 2024.

Onukogu, a Nigerian national, has more than 25 years of experience in corporate governance and international development cooperation. Her expertise includes maintaining the integrity of the Bank’s governance structures, resource mobilization, managing country operations portfolios, and organizing high-level events.

Chioma Angela Onukogu

Prior to this role, Onukogu served as the Chief Board Programme and Quality Control Coordinator and Acting Director, Board Affairs and Proceedings, where she effectively supported the Secretary General in ensuring the General Secretariat’s high performance. She has also held positions as a Principal Resource Mobilization and Partnerships Officer, as well as a Country Programme Officer for several countries in Africa.

Onukogu holds multiple degrees, including a master’s degree in Corporate and Commercial Law, a master’s degree in international law and diplomacy, a Graduate Diploma in Law, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

Ms. Onukogu expressed her gratitude towards President Adesina for his leadership and for entrusting her with this appointment. She looks forward to working alongside the Secretary General in facilitating the decision-making processes of the Bank’s governance organs. Additionally, she aims to foster stronger working relationships with the shareholders in their collective efforts to deliver high-quality operations that align with the vision of a prosperous, inclusive, resilient, and integrated Africa.

President Adesina commended Ms. Onukogu’s extensive experience and expertise within the Bank, having served in various important departments. He highlighted her strong track record in upholding the Bank’s institutional and corporate governance structures, as well as her valuable institutional memory.

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