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Kabo Launches Bicycle Last Mile Delivery Services in Lagos

Leading logistics and delivery services provider, Kabo, is happy to announce the launch of its brand-new bicycle last mile delivery service in Lagos. By offering a quicker and more environmentally friendly option for delivering goods and services, Kabo which operates under Techvariety Nigeria Limited hopes to redefine last mile delivery in the city with this new service.

In order to deliver packages, food, and other items swiftly and effectively, Kabo offers a bicycle last mile delivery service. The service is perfect for companies that frequently need to make short-distance delivery of small packages. Due to their particular construction, the bicycles used by Kabo delivery riders can easily manage bulky and heavy parcels, making them an excellent choice for last-mile deliveries.

According to Dr. Dare Asekun, CEO of Techvariety Nig Ltd., “Our new bicycle powered last mile delivery service is part of our commitment to offering innovative and sustainable delivery solutions to customers. We are confident that this service will help Lagos businesses and residents get their packages delivered quickly and reliably while also easing traffic congestion and enhancing the environment”.

With its websites, and, Kabo offers a bicycle last mile delivery service. Online ordering allows customers to place purchases and track deliveries in real-time, guaranteeing that their items arrive on schedule and in pristine condition.

Kabo is positioned to take the lead in last mile delivery in Lagos and beyond with the introduction of this new service. In order to fulfill the changing needs of businesses and individuals in Nigeria and throughout Africa, the organization is dedicated to offering quick, dependable, and sustainable delivery options.

Visit or for more information about Kabo and its innovative bicycle last mile delivery service.

About Kabo
Nigeria’s top logistics and delivery company, Kabo, offers businesses and individuals all around the nation creative and sustainable delivery solutions. Kabo is committed to making delivery faster, more dependable, and more sustainable for everyone with an emphasis on customer service and innovation.

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