MADE West Africa Call for Proposals: Promoting the Positive Potential of Migrants for Development

Deadline: 20 August 2018

Migration and Development (MADE) West Africa has launched a call for proposals for actions to promote the positive potential of migrants for development from Ghana and Sierra Leone.

The program objective is to promote good governance of migration and mobility, as well as the protection of the rights of migrants in the ECOWAS region, in order to increase the benefits of migration and mobility on development.

The call for proposals particularly concerns maximizing the contribution of diaspora to effectively support development and job creation in Ghana or Sierra Leone. It is part of a series of actions implemented by AFFORD in partnership with local organisations.


The main objectives of the grant are to:

  • Facilitate match-funding for innovative, responsible diaspora enterprises in niche, emerging and diverse sectors
  • Provide business and capacity-building support to diaspora and local entrepreneurs to optimise their projects viability, sustainability and growth
  • Facilitate access to existing and new types of structured investment channels and vehicles
  • Build transnational linkages and networks to facilitate increase in the diversity, volume, availability and impact of diaspora investment
  • Advocate and facilitate reduction in remittance transaction costs; increase in collective remittances; and increased investment in regenerative activities.

Budget & Time-frame

  • This is a match – fund grant of 8000 euros. The successful applicant will need to match this with 15% (1,200 euros) to be awarded the grant.
  • Activities need to be implemented between October 2018 to March 2019 (6 months).

Selection Criteria and Eligibility

  • Not-for-profit: Only non-profit organizations or business working on migration and development issues are eligible to apply.
  • Only one application: Applicants can only submit one application for this call. Each organisation and/or an individual may apply for a grant only once within the scope of the same competition. For the avoidance of doubt, applicants cannot apply both as an individual and as a part (being a member of the board, director or representative) of an organisation.
  • Businesses, organisations and/or individuals are eligible to put in one application for the MADE match fund. AFFORD cannot accept more than one application from the same entity for the same competition.
  • Thematic advocacy area: Applications must relate to the thematic advocacy area.
  • Target country: Activities can only be implemented in Ghana or Sierra Leone.
  • Targeted applicants: Applicants must be based in the diaspora (Europe), Ghana or Sierra Leone but partnerships with organisations in other countries are possible.
  • Action submitted: The action should include the implementation of advocacy actions and / or the practical implementation of innovative practices or identified best practices regarding the effective channelling of diaspora and migrant resources into development and job creation in Ghana or Sierra Leone.
  • Partnerships: the application needs to be submitted by one organisation, however activities may be implemented in partnership with other civil society organisations, or in partnership with other stakeholders.
  • Language: applications must be in English.

How to Apply

Applicants must download the application form via given website.

For more information, please visit MADE West Africa.

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