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Mark Your Calendars! Announcing Mozilla Festival – MozFest 2021

MozFest is a place to empower people, to fuel movements, and to build bridges

The next MozFest is slated to begin March 8, 2021. Given the uncertainty of the pandemic, MozFest will primarily be online. You can get a sneak peek of what our next festival will look like here

We’re excited to use the programming that we’ve honed over a decade of festivals – participant-led sessions, immersive art exhibits, space for spontaneous conversations, inspiring Dialogues & Debates – to address current and global crises. Through our Call for Session Proposals (where you’re invited to propose an interactive workshop to host at the festival), we’ll seek solutions together, through the lens of trustworthy artificial intelligence


You will find resources to help you prepare for the Call for Session Proposals, which will be open October 26 to November 23. We invite you to share your experience and work with our community to create a festival that’s greater than the sum of its parts.  If you have questions or would like to chat with past Wranglers and Facilitators as you prepare, join our slack community

Keep The MozFest Momentum
1. New to MozFest? Learn more about our commitment to diversity and inclusion, our federated design, and our community. 

2. Weekly Read: At Mozilla, we believe that to build trustworthy AI and a healthier internet, we have to rethink how data is governed. Bookmark our latest publication, Data Futures which explores how people and communities can be data beneficiaries instead of just data sources.

3. Share Your Thoughts: Trustworthy AI means different things to different people. That’s why we want to know what it means to you, and where you think Mozilla should focus its trustworthy AI efforts in 2021. Share your thoughts with us.

4. Tweet this: MozFest is no ordinary tech conference. It is a whirl of people and ideas, sparks of curiosity and connection, and a vibe that is buzzing, dynamic and full of positive energy. Find out why I love it here

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