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Meet top-notch recruiters and students at WEBA World Annual Workshops and Fairs

You can meet with top-notch recruiters from across the world at WEBA World Annual Workshops and Fairs, as well as directly recruit international students from all over the world.

The umbrella organization and global voice for Education Business Partnerships operating all over the world is WEBA (World Educate Business Association). A rising number of Associate and Business Members, including Agents, Education Providers, and Study Abroad Counselors, make up this membership organization. Presently, more than 100 Education Agents Workshops are organized by WEBA in 25 different nations.

For more than 20 years, the Swiss company WEBA World has offered the education sector expert services. Over 100 educational activities are held annually by WEBA in more than 25 countries. Three different sorts of activities are held by WEBA to help universities boost the number of international students they enroll: agent workshops, student recruitment fairs, and high school visits. There are some WEBA events that are exclusive to 1-City. WEBA also offers multi-city tours that allow educators to visit up to eight events, eight cities, or eight nations. Teachers have the option to only attend one event, one city, or one nation if they do not want to take the entire tour.

WEBA World
WEBA World

WEBA hosts two different kinds of agent workshops: “International” workshops, where agents from all over the world meet educators in a single nation, and “National” workshops, where educators from all over the world meet agents from a single nation. High schools, boarding schools, colleges, business schools, universities, and language schools are among WEBA’s member educators. More than 2,000 of the best agents from all over the world who WEBA has hand-picked to attend our events are among our Member Agents.

System of appointments:

You will have a rotating meeting schedule with the agents at each WEBA Agent Fair.
You will have the option to schedule “One to One” sessions with agents, which typically last between 15-20 minutes, at each WEBA Agent Fair. You may occasionally be able to meet two agents at once.
This Conference has shown to be the cheapest and most successful method of promotion for connecting with agents.

Opportunity for Educational Consultants

WEBA encourages Educational Consultants (AGENTS) to join the association and be part of the first worldwide organisation which includes the following schools:

  • MBA Centres
  • Centers for Management Studies
  • Management Schools and Colleges
  • Business Schools and Universities
  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies
  • Higher Education
  • Boarding Schools
  • International English Centres
  • Hotel and Tourism Schools

Webaworld member events

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