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Merck Foundation launch TV episode of Our Africa to raise Diabetes Awareness in Africa

The first episode of Our Africa by Merck Foundation, the charitable arm of Merck KGaA Germany, has been released online at www.Merck-Foundation.com. The first program, which aimed to educate African communities about diabetes prevention, garnered positive reactions and evaluations from the two stations’ audience.

Millions of fans in Africa were immediately captivated by the show when it was first shown on prominent TV stations in numerous nations, including KTV in Kenya, NTV in Uganda, GH One TV in Ghana, ZNBC in Zambia, AYV in Sierra Leone, and LTV in Liberia. Soon, TV 3 in Ghana, BTV in Botswana, KTN in Kenya, and QTV in The Gambia will all start airing the program. The Merck Foundation, Dr. Rasha Kelej, and Senator social media accounts are now hosting the “Our Africa” TV program.

Watch the First Episode promotion here: https://bit.ly/3X41lGB

The first-of-its-kind television program “Our Africa by Merck Foundation” aims to speak for the voiceless and break the taboo surrounding a number of important and delicate social and health issues in Africa, including diabetes, ending child marriage, promoting girl education, women empowerment, stopping gender-based violence, ending female genital mutilation, and eradicating the stigma associated with infertility, among other issues affecting the continent.

Watch the First Episode here: https://bit.ly/3WXZbbr

Through the African Community of Fashion and Art with Purpose, the first episode concentrated on raising awareness about the rising incidence of Diabetes and how to prevent it. There are presently 24 million adults living with diabetes in the African continent. By 2045, it is expected to increase by 129% to 55 million. According to a WHO analysis, the African continent leads the globe in undiagnosed diabetes. 54% of the adult diabetics in the IDF (International Diabetes Federation) Africa Region, or 13 million people, are living with undiagnosed diabetes. Early diabetes diagnosis has gained attention thanks to the first episode. Among the early warning signs and symptoms mentioned by the guests were frequent urination, increased thirst, hunger and fatigue, visual issues, sluggish wound healing, and yeast infections. They also emphasized ways to prevent diabetes, such as eating well, getting regular exercise, quitting smoking, and drinking in moderation.

Young designers Gabriel Froid and Kinneh Mbenga from Mauritius and The Gambia, as well as popular Ghanaian musician Cwezi and Mauritius-born nutritionist Teenusha Soobrah, were featured in the first episode’s designs. The goal was to use dialogue and awareness messages in their designs to inform our African populations about the early detection and prevention of diabetes. Additionally, the Ghanaian singer and musician Cwezi wrote a song called “No More Diabetes” about the disease.

Sen. Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO of the Merck Foundation, planned, produced, directed, and co-hosted this pan-African program that will feature singers, fashion designers, and notable speakers from a variety of fields in an effort to increase awareness and foster a cultural change throughout Africa. Brian Mulondo, a Ugandan, is a co-host of the program.

Follow Senator Dr. Rasha Kelej’s social media accounts on Facebook (bit.ly/3ATPaEd), Instagram (bit.ly/3F1lftA), Twitter (bit.ly/3uTDQEp), and YouTube (bit.ly/3BCZ7Gi) to watch the television program “Our Africa by Merck Foundation.” The Merck Foundation also has accounts on Facebook (bit.ly/32YFKpv), Instagram (bit.ly/3g6OYr3), Twitter ((bit.ly/2TeOQNj) and YouTube (bit.ly/3zc3up1). 

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