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Mixed Market Performance across Grain Prices

During the trading week, we observed mixed performance in the price of grains on the Exchange. Sorghum gained 1.05% while paddy rice plunged by 1.58%. However, a different trend was observed in the open market which showed an upward movement in the prices of grains.

The total volume of contracts traded on the Exchange increased by 70.60% compared to the previous week.

The benchmark indexes, the AFEX Commodity Index (ACI) and the AFEX Export Index (AEI) witnessed a decline of 1.14% w-o-w.

Market Price Performance

  • On the Exchange, Sesame and Sorghum were the only gainers, gaining 1.27% and 1.05% respectively. Paddy rice declined by 1.58% while the prices of other commodities were flat W-o-W.
  • During the week, there was an increase in the open market prices of most commodities. Maize topped the gainers chart, gaining 8.46% while sesame declined by 7.52% W-o-W.
  • The international prices of other commodities gained W-o-W, with sesame gaining the most by 26.32%. Soybean, cocoa, and ginger fell by 4.62%, 1.28% and 1.29% respectively W-o-W.

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