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Mixed performances for crops and grains on the Commodities Exchange

The Exchange’s performance in the most recent trading week was inconsistent. The lagging chart was led by Paddy Rice, which saw a slight fall of 0.40% w-o-w.

In the meantime, most commodities saw price increases on the open market. Sesame was the biggest gainer, increasing by a significant 3.34% week-over-week. Due to a lack of demand, soybean prices have been trending downward. This pattern is probably going to hold this week.

While the AFEX Export Index (AEI) fell by 0.01% w-o-w, the AFEX Commodity Index (ACI) increased by 0.03%. The weekly closing index points for the ACI and AEI were 489.46 and 228.55, respectively.

  • Market Price Dynamics
  • Performance on the Exchange was uneven. Paddy Rice was the most lagging stock, falling by 0.40% w-o-w.
  • Most commodities on the open market saw a boost in price today. Sesame was the highest gainer, up by 3.34% week over week.
  • Most commodities experienced a price drop on the global market this week. Ginger was the worst performer, falling by 3.19% week over week.
  • Access the study here to view further pertinent information on market performance.

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