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MrBeast is now the Number 1 Youtuber with most subscribed channel and most subscribers

Jimmy Donaldson (otherwise known by his Youtube name Mrbeast), the individual behind the channel known for its intricate challenges and lavish giveaways, shared on X that MrBeast had surpassed 266 million subscribers, overtaking the prominent Indian music channel T-Series.

As of the current moment, his subscriber count had risen to 269 million. T-Series presently maintains approximately 266 million subscribers.

With nearly 800 videos MrBeast has made a name for himself with massive stunts – including giving away private islands, building bore holes and providing water to poor villages in Africa, being buried alive, and staging a real-life version of the Netflix hit Squid Game.

Business Insider reached out to YouTube for a statement but did not receive an immediate response.”On Sunday, after 6 years, we have finally avenged Pewdiepie,” stated the creator, referring to YouTuber Felix Kjellberg, also recognized as PewDiePie, who held the top spot on YouTube until being surpassed by T-Series in 2019.

Surpassing T-Series signifies a remarkable ascent for Donaldson, who has managed to avoid the decline experienced by numerous other online personalities.MrBeast is renowned for his extravagant videos, where his audience competes for substantial cash rewards.

He has been sharing videos on YouTube since 2012 and has since ventured into the food industry with his line of Feastables chocolates and the MrBeast Burger brand.

Donaldson later filed a lawsuit against the company responsible for the MrBeast Burger franchise, alleging that their subpar burgers were negatively impacting his brand.

Additionally, Donaldson recently revealed that he had secured a deal with Amazon to develop a game show for Amazon Prime titled “Beast Games,” where 1,000 individuals will compete for a $5 million prize.

The YouTuber disclosed to Time Magazine in February that his annual earnings amount to $600 to $700 million. However, he does not perceive himself as wealthy since he reinvests all of his earnings back into his videos.

MrBeast announced that his channel achieved its highest daily increase in subscribers, surpassing 2 million on Saturday. Becoming the most subscribed individual and channel on YouTube has further solidified MrBeast’s influence and wealth on the platform. Aside from his main channel, he has multiple other channels dedicated to gaming, philanthropy, and reactions, each boasting tens of millions of subscribers.

Forbes estimated his net worth to be approximately $500 million in 2022, ranking him first among the top 50 creators in 2023.Elon Musk, who has supported MrBeast and other content creators on his platform X (formerly Twitter), was among those who congratulated him.

Enhancing X as an attractive platform for creators is a crucial part of Mr. Musk’s strategy to make the platform profitable. MrBeast revealed that he earned $250,000 from his first video on X in January.

MrBeast setting a new record is positive news for Amazon, which has reportedly signed him to a TV deal worth up to $100 million.

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