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MTN collaborates with WIM Technologies to enhance fixed wireless access for customers

MTN’s sales reps can access real-time insights on the best packages for each customer’s unique demands and location thanks to Unison FWA’s intelligent coverage and capacity-based analytics. This guarantees that clients receive the best possible service at reasonable costs along with sufficient coverage.

A more dependable and consistent user experience is provided for all when MTN maintains network stability and optimizes resource allocation through effective subscriber management. Additionally, MTN can keep funding network upgrades and service improvements by protecting its income streams.

“Our collaboration with WIM Technologies exemplifies our dedication to providing customers with exceptional FWA services,” said Amith Maharaj, Executive Network Design and Planning at MTN. Customers of MTN may expect an improved home internet experience thanks to improved network governance, tailored package suggestions, and optimized network performance.

This attitude was also expressed by Anshul Malhotra, CEO of WIM Technologies, who said, “We are thrilled to partner with MTN to elevate their FWA offerings.” Our dedication to provide cutting-edge solutions to telecoms carriers that improve network performance and customer satisfaction is embodied in Unison FWA.

This collaboration strengthens MTN’s standing as a top supplier of digital solutions committed to advancing Africa’s development. MTN’s home internet clients can anticipate an exceptional and unparalleled experience marked by dependability, consistency, and individualized service with the launch of Unison FWA.

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