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Nanox Imaging partners with Eileeno Pharma to deploy medical imaging services in Nigeria

NanoX Imaging Limited, an innovative medical imaging company, has entered the West African market, signing an exclusive distribution deal with EiLEENO Pharma to deploy Nanox’s medical imaging services in Nigeria.

The Nanox System is composed of the Nanox.ARC, a medical imaging system incorporating a novel digital X-ray source, and the Nanox.CLOUD, a companion cloud-based software designed to provide an end-to-end medical imaging service that is expected to include image repository, radiologist matching, online and offline diagnostics review and annotation, connectivity to diagnostic assistive artificial intelligence systems, billing, and reporting.

Subject to regulatory approval, Nanox and EiLEENO Pharma will collaborate on the deployment and operation of 1,000 Nanox Systems comprised of the Nanox.ARC and the Nanox.CLOUD; all designated to improve the standard of care in Nigeria via significantly increased availability of medical imaging for the benefit of patients across the country.

According to the agreement and subject to regulatory approval, EiLEENO Pharma will commit to a minimum annual service fee to Nanox. The agreement has an initial term of four years and is renewable for an additional term of four years with both parties’ mutual consent.

“We are very excited to sign the unique MSaaS agreement with NANOX, to deploy medical imaging systems and ensure services for healthcare facilities across the country,” said Edward Egede, Managing Director and CEO of EiLEENO Pharma.

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“This will drive affordability of medical imaging in Africa towards the goal that each Nigerian carries out comprehensive medical checks at least once a year to proactively manage their health and help promote preventive healthcare. Our broad spread of nearly 4,400 health facilities in Nigeria, covers populations in various geographic areas, especially those who are remotely habited.”

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) approximately two-thirds of the world’s population does not have access to medical imaging systems, while many people with access to medical imaging face substantial wait times for scanning. Medical imaging systems are an important early-detection tool that Nanox believes are key to increasing early treatment, improving health outcomes, and ultimately saving lives.

“West Africa is one of the prime target markets for us,”says Ran Poliakine, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nanox. “The agreement with EiLEENO Pharma will allow us to support Nigeria’s population, enabling the nation to run high-volume screening campaigns cross-country. We want medical imaging to become as commonplace and accessible as water or electricity, readily available to all communities everywhere.”

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