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Nigeria ranked 109th out of 125 countries on the Global Hunger Index

According to the 2023 Global Hunger Index report, Nigeria’s ranking is 109th out of 125 countries. The score ranges from zero to 10, with a low level of hunger between zero and 10, moderate between 10 and 20, serious between 20 and 35, and alarming above 35.

Nigeria’s score of 28.3 falls under the serious hunger level classification. This is lower than the 27.8 score in 2015, indicating a reversal in efforts to reduce hunger. The reasons for this include high food prices, food insecurity, conflicts, low income, and poor infrastructure.

High levels of hunger can lead to social unrest, and despite the state of emergency declared on food security, food inflation exceeding 30% in September suggests that the policy has not yet impacted food production. To improve Nigeria’s ranking and reduce hunger, the government should be more transparent in supporting small-scale farming and invest in large-scale agricultural storage facilities to reduce waste.

Additionally, restoring peace and security in food-producing areas is crucial, and nutrition programs targeting women and children need to be scaled up to combat malnutrition. Long-term options include prioritizing infrastructure investments in roads and transportation networks to increase food distribution and decrease waste. These interventions can help Nigeria join countries with low levels of hunger in future GHI reports. SOURCE: CSEA Africa

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