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Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority partners Z Capital Group for venture infrastructure investments

With the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding, Z Capital Group, ZCG, a private markets asset manager, and the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority, NSIA, the manager of Nigeria’s sovereign wealth fund, announced a joint venture partnership to establish a fund centered on infrastructure investments in Africa.

The chance to take advantage of the special financial and economic prospects that are currently emerging throughout the African continent is provided by this strategic partnership.

In light of Africa’s swift economic development and expansion, expanding population, and growing global impact, ZCG and NSIA’s cooperation is well-positioned to capitalize on the continent’s auspicious investment opportunities. With a track record of successfully completing significant infrastructure projects in Africa made possible by strong pipelines for accessing investment opportunities, pertinent market knowledge, and stakeholder relationships, NSIA offers extensive experience in a number of important areas.

Through its strong asset management expertise, ability to implement a three-pronged investment approach across private equity and M&A, in-house consulting partners, and innovative proprietary technology solutions, ZCG offers complementary vital capabilities to support the success of this strategic partnership.

With this Memorandum of Understanding, ZCG and NSIA are committing to working together and pooling their respective strengths in order to support the development of critical infrastructure projects throughout the continent of Africa. The joint venture will take advantage of each party’s distinct skills and resources to meet the continent’s rising need for creative and sustainable infrastructure solutions.

The following are the MoU’s main highlights:

Strategic collaboration: The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) creates a strategic collaboration between ZCG and NSIA, enabling joint efforts to find, create, and carry out infrastructure projects throughout Africa.

Shared Vision: By investing in vital infrastructure projects, both parties hope to support the social and economic development of African economies. The alliance seeks to address major developmental concerns throughout the African continent, promote innovation, and support sustainable economic growth—all of which are in line with NSIA’s primary goal.

Integration of Expertise: To deliver effective infrastructure solutions, the joint venture will leverage the complementary expertise of NSIA and ZCG by integrating technical know-how, project management abilities, and a thorough awareness of the local environment.

Investment Commitment: In accordance with this Memorandum of Understanding, ZCG and NSIA will look to invest in a variety of sectors, including but not limited to healthcare, renewable energy, energy transition, mobility and logistics, digital and social infrastructure, climate-smart agriculture, and green industrialization. They will do this by pursuing equity, debt, and other blended financial instruments.

Sustainable Development: In order to guarantee long-term benefits, the joint venture will place a high priority on socially and environmentally responsible actions that are in line with international best practices and standards. ZCG and NSIA will look for initiatives that create prospects for diversification and scalable socioeconomic impact in Africa. They will also look to generate attractive returns on investment.

James Zenni, the founder, president, and chief executive officer of ZCG, stated, “We are happy to expand our long-standing relationship with the NSIA through this unique partnership that will support our shared investment and socio-economic goals.” “We see many enticing infrastructure investment opportunities across the continent, given Africa’s rapidly growing population and its growing cultural and political influence on a global scale.” We are eager to combine our technological, consulting, and investment experience with NSIA’s in-depth knowledge of overseeing major infrastructure projects in a variety of industries and crucial stakeholder relationships in order to find and fund assets that promote economic growth across the continent.

“NSIA is happy to collaborate with ZCG on this joint venture, which will allow us to explore attractive investment prospects in Africa,” stated NSIA’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Aminu Umar-Sadiq. “ZCG is committed to supporting sustained economic expansion and innovation throughout the African continent. In order to address the demands of both the present and future generations of Africans, ZCG shares our emphasis on making investments in climate-adaptive infrastructure. Together with ZCG, we can increase current efforts to better assist Africans and take the lead in promoting long-term socioeconomic growth throughout the continent.

The ZCG-NSIA relationship reflects a common commitment to economic development, innovation, and climate resilience in the region and is a major step toward sustainable and impactful infrastructure investments in Africa. This partnership is a critical step in establishing NSIA as a go-to partner for capitalizing on opportunities that complement the energy and rising trajectory of the African continent in the international economic sphere.

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