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Noticeable movements in the prices of grains

The price of paddy rice, sorghum, and cashew plunged on the Exchange last week by 2.47%, 0.18%, and 1.97% w-o-w respectively. However, maize, soybean, and cocoa recorded marginal increases of 1.14%, 2.32%, and 1.10% w-o-w respectively, while other commodities remained unchanged.

In the open market, sorghum reached a new high of 2.97%, which remained unchanged in the international market. Cocoa decreased for the second consecutive week by 4.69% w-o-w due to an increased global supply.
W-o-W, the AEI recorded an all-time high of 10.42%, outperforming the ACI index which recorded a 1.09% increase.
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Market Price Performance

  • The Exchange price of cashew fell slightly, halting its two week surge.
  • Sorghum rebounds in the open market reaching new all high.
  • Increased global cocoa supply led to its decline for the second consecutive week in the international market.

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