Now Open: 2023 Enel Foundation Open Africa Power Program for young energy professionals

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the Open Africa Power program, which aims to empower women and youth to lead Africa’s transition to clean energy, and Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) are pleased to announce the opening of the application process for the 2023 edition. Since 2018, Open Africa Power has equipped a group of young energy experts with the full set of technical, governmental, and commercial know-how required to launch a sustainable energy future for all of Africa. This year, the program will involve up to 150 African students—at least 50% of whom will be women—and close to 400 Alumni in a variety of leadership and professional development activities offered in collaboration with major African and Italian academic institutions.

Online and on-campus courses from universities like the University of Cape Town, Politecnico di Torino, Politecnico di Milano, SDA Bocconi, Florence School of Regulation, and Venice International University make up Open Africa Power 2023. The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, our institutional partner, continues to provide substantial support for the program as it has in previous iterations.

Program Specifics

  • • State of the Art and Capstone Project for the Digital African Module (May – June)
  • • SDG7 Online Course Requirements (May – October)
  • • New Horizons in Italian (January – March 2024)
  • • The module “Giving back.” The entire cohort of alumni will take part in knowledge-sharing events in collaboration with the Enel Foundation after finishing the Italian module.

Eligibility requirements

  • A merit-based, transparent competition governs the Open Africa Power selection process. The application window is open from March 8 through April 10, 2023.
  • Candidate eligibility requirements include the following:
  • By May 1, 2023, be between the ages of 24 and 35;
  • Have citizenship in an African nation;
  • presently residing in an African nation or preparing to do so by the end of 2024;
  • Be qualified to visit Italy. All candidates are encouraged to research the process that applies to their particular situation well in advance;
  • having earned a PhD, MSc, LLM, MPP, or MBA before May 1st, 2023. This program is not open to undergraduate students, those who merely hold a BSc degree, or graduate students who are pursuing a master’s degree. a PhD, MSc, BSc, LLM, MPP, or MBA must have been earned from an African university;
  • Possess the necessary skills and exhibit a clear desire to work in the public or private sectors in the larger field of electricity;
  • Have a level of English proficiency (CEFR C1) that can be verified by an official language certificate or the successful completion of at least one degree that is entirely taught in English;
  • A readiness to advocate for women’s empowerment and gender equality both within and outside of the program.
  • Women are strongly encouraged to participate in the OAP since they have an important role in the energy sector but are frequently excluded from decision-making and have limited access to money, education, and career prospects. 50% of the attendees will be women, thanks to the efforts of SEforALL and the Enel Foundation.

How to apply

Applications must only be submitted through our specific platform using the verification code (OAPF2325). For the best outcomes in terms of platform stability and dependability, we strongly encourage you to begin and complete your application on both Google Chrome and a desktop environment. To start the process, click the link and copy-paste the above-written code.

  • Candidates must offer:
  • A PDF version of their resume;
  • A copy of their diplomas for their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, as well as any future diplomas for their MBA or PhD, PLUS their transcripts (in PDF);
  • a PDF-formatted copy of their passport;
  • A letter of motivation (maximum 700 words, in PDF format);
  • Three letters of recommendation from leaders in business, academia, or the government (in PDF).
  • to apply
  • Visit the Official Webpage of the Enel Foundation Open Africa Power Program 2023

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