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We Created An Online Course to Help You Attract High-End Clients – Cognition Global Concepts

When we started the coaching and consulting business in Cambridge UK in 2010, we struggled big time. We had no idea how to market our services, talking less about attracting ideal clients. We facilitated great coaching sessions, led engaging leadership workshops, and conducted effective strategic planning retreats. But, we struggled to attract our ideal clients for five years. In that struggle, we offered coaching by the hour, even at £30 per session. People around us thought we were doing well, but we were having a hard time meeting our personal needs until we took a deep dive to understand “Marketing for Service Entrepreneurs.” Then, our results changed! 

If you were like us 7 years ago, and you are a professional service entrepreneur such as a coach, trainer, consultant, lawyer, IT professional, accountant, architect, dentist, and much more; odds are that you you will benefit from our new Online Course – The “Ultimate Guide to Attract High-End Clients and Boost Sales.”  Enrol in the Course

Who is the course for? 

We built the Online course to provide guidance for entrepreneur who cannot afford one-to-one coaching with us. The goal is to use the model to help them attract their ideal high-end clients faster and with no stress. We built it for Professional Service owners who are working hard to attract their ideal clients but can’t. And as a result feel a loss of control of their businesses.   

What are the benefits? 
There are lots of benefits from the course. For example, upon completion; you will: 
Get more meetings with qualified high-end clientsIdentify key marketing strategies that deliver results and how to implement them;
Improve your closing rate by 50%, so you can close 5 out of 10 prospects;
Develop strategic focus and manage your business more effectively; and
Market your services more confidently and take back control of your business;

The “Ultimate Guide to Attract High-End Clients and Boost Sales” course will launch on August 15, 2022. But, we are offering it today at an early-bird discount of 60% to the first 20 people who pre-order the course.  

If you are struggling to sell your services, or having a hard time marketing your services; this course will give you the blueprint to attract more of your high-end clients. The package includes a downloadable workbook in PDF, plus several hours of video presentations. The presentations provide step-by-step guide on how you can attract high-end clients to grow your business with ease. Enrol in the Course

About Cognition Glocal Concepts
Since 2010, Cognition Global Concepts has been supporting successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, and entrepreneurial teams to accelerate growth in every area of business and life. With a proven and comprehensive business coaching support system and tool, our clients experience continuous growth in performance and revenue.

Our approach is collaborative and result oriented! Focusing on our clients’ Core Ideology, we work continuously to design goals that define your expected future growth and figure out how to accomplish them.

Our growth concept focuses on five fundamental pillars – Value PropositionsPeopleStrategyRelationships, and disciplined Execution. We caliberate this concept to contribute to our clients’ success, and help them create sustainable growth year after year.

We do not sell off-the-shelve or ‘Cut & Past’ programs! The CGC coaching and strategy process is designed to address our client’s specific challenge. Our workshops and masterclasses are tailored  to meet the key learning needs that align with your core ideology. As a result, our clients experience tremendous transformations faster. Enrol in the Course

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