Apply for the ShEquity Accelerator Program 2023 for African female entrepreneurs in Anglophone countries

ShEquity Partners (“ShEquity”), an investment company that makes wise investments in scalable, impactful, and female-led businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa, today announced the beginning of the fourth iteration of its accelerator program (SHEBA). The 17-week SHEBA program offers venture development and technical assistance to female African entrepreneurs throughout the ECOWAS area who want to expand their companies and become investment-ready.

Only Anglophone applicants with legally registered enterprises in West Africa are invited to apply. For Francophone applicants with companies registered in West Africa, a second invitation will be made. 5 years of experience in economics, ICTs, company development, entrepreneurship, digital trainings, environment, women’s economic empowerment, or a related field


SHEBA concentrates on scalable, impactful enterprises in agribusiness (including agritech, production, processing, wholesale, and retail, as well as all other areas of the agribusiness value chain), fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs), healthcare, mobility/logistics, and tech-enabled businesses (fintech, clean tech, ed tech, etc.).
Businesses owned and operated by women with a minimum of 51% female ownership and that have been in existence for at least 24 months must be legally registered in ECOWAS nations.


SHEBA offers the chance to get finance from ShEquity and other investors within the ShEquity network in addition to the strong program development focus.
Qualifying enterprises are suggested to the ShEquity team for investment consideration after the accelerated program.
Between US$50K and $250K is the normal range for a ShEquity seed investment, with the possibility of extra post-investment support. For More Details, Information and to Apply, Visit the Official Webpage of the ShEquity Accelerator Program 2023


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