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ODUWA COIN Launches IVIE blockchain optimization

Oduwa Coin, the first indigenous Cryptocurrency designed to empower people of African descent has announced the launch of its latest blockchain optimization called IVIE.

After three years of network operations, the developers of OduwaCoin have come up with a new line of on-chain executions for its fungible currency.

The blockchain upgrade is an addition to the existing Altcoin source code. Ivie will enable network improvement, staking algorithm, removal of bugs, optimized wallet, and much more within the Oduwa network, powered by its native cryptocurrency known as Oduwa Coin.

The official launch schedule for rolling out the ODUWA network’s latest optimization (IVIE) is the last week of April 2021.

Oduwa Core network contributors find it very important to keep its competitive culture alive as a non-correlative asset. This upgraded version will highlight a critical step in the journey to deliver blockchain applications that directly connect to real people, particularly those informed by the members’ community.

Miners and node operators will need to update their clients to the latest Daemon Version. However, holders of OWC in their wallets or exchange do not need to do anything for this upgrade.

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