Opportunity to Attend the African Creative Economy Investor Masterclass Series by CcHub

CcHub is excited to extend an invitation to you to attend the next masterclass on the African Creative Economy. For established funders or investors looking to start or increase funding and/or investment in the creative economy in Africa, the African Creative Economy Investor Masterclass Series is for you.

The series was developed to assist African institutions in increasing their understanding of Creative Economy funding strategies, creating vital connections and networks, and securing strategic collaborations that would enhance already-conducted or future work in this field.

Last year, three versions were held—two of them virtually and one in person at CANEX Abidjan in November—for a total of three (3) editions. Understanding the Creative Economy: An Overview will be the topic of this seminar.

An overview of the creative economy’s potential and current situation, with information on important industries, market trends, and investment prospects.

The potential and state of the African Creative Economy will be covered in further detail in this session. It will include:

Overview of funding, investment, and the creative economy in order to create inclusive and sustainable growth.

Opportunities for funding and investment in the African Creative Economy to promote positive social, cultural, and economic effects.

Event details

Ojoma Ochai, the managing partner of CcHUB’s creative economy practise, and John Newbigin, the chair of Counterculture Partnerships LLP, will be our speakers for this online meeting.

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