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PalmPay crosses 25 million user milestone in Nigeria

With 25 million downloads of its app, a vast network of 500,000 mobile money agents, and 300,000 merchants participating in its payments ecosystem, PalmPay, a pioneering fintech platform with an emphasis on Africa, is celebrating a critical turning point in its history. This company’s strong strategy, which focuses on providing safe, user-friendly, and inclusive financial services, is evidenced by the remarkable development it has had in just four years since entering the Nigerian market.

According to Sofia Zab, Global CMO at PalmPay, “We are honored to be a driving force behind the adoption of cashless payments and financial inclusion in Nigeria. The expansion of PalmPay supports our strategy and demonstrates the rising need for creative fintech solutions that cater to the particular requirements of the disadvantaged people in Africa.

The user-friendly PalmPay program streamlines digital transactions, making them quick and practical. Due to this, customer behavior has changed from cash payments to digital ones. The business now handles more than $5 billion in transactions each month. The PalmPay app provides a full range of financial services that provide its users the power to manage all of their affairs in one location.

The business is launching its savings service this week, which includes an open-access 20% annual interest savings plan. The fintech also offers banking services to businesses, providing them with POS, web portal, and specialized apps. With 30% of its users reporting that they opened their first financial account using the app, PalmPay’s efforts to promote financial inclusion have clearly had an impact.

Customers can deposit and withdraw money from its vast network of mobile money agents, who can also instruct them on how to use the PalmPay app. Additionally, by making transactions on behalf of customers who lack access to smartphones, its agents provide PalmPay’s services to millions more people. The company’s patented payment infrastructure, which provides exceptional dependability in a market that has long struggled with unstable banking systems, has been important in the company’s success in Nigeria. The platform stands out in the very competitive fintech market thanks to its 99.5% 10-second transaction success rate.

PalmPay is more than just a digital wallet; we are developing an all-encompassing platform to give customers everything they require to succeed financially. Our goal going ahead is to establish ourselves as Africa’s financial superapp,” Zab continued. Our solid payment infrastructure and data-driven strategy, which allow us to link their offerings to their target clients directly, benefit our partners and promote mutual growth within our digital ecosystem.

The company’s next strategic move is to digitise merchant payments in an effort to close the gap between customers and enterprises. Tens of thousands of offline merchants are signing up with PalmPay each month, many of which are motivated by customer demands for the ability to pay with transfer.

“The consumer base has now become one of the major driving forces of wider cashless adoption in the Nigerian payments ecosystem,” says Chika Nwosu, managing director of PalmPay Nigeria. For the retail and informal economies, digitizing payments has huge promise since it lowers their cost of doing business and enables them to establish the digital track record necessary to be approved for credit and other financial services.

Future ambitions for PalmPay include expanding its operations to new nations and introducing cross-border transactions. In addition to establishing launch strategies for a number of other African nations, the company is already testing services in Ghana.

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