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Pitch with Investors at the U.S.- Africa Trade & Investment Global Summit 2019

The U.S.-Africa Trade & Investment Global Summit, aka USATIGS 2019, is a trade Summit and multi-sector exhibition that will provide African countries a strong platform and excellent opportunity to exhibit and promote their products and services in the United States. The Summit will also address the constraints and barriers that exist in identifying export markets for African product lines. It will encourage the establishment of a long-term trade partnerships and business linkages
between Africa and the Americas. This is more than a business opportunity, It's a movement for business success stories!

USATIGS 2019 is the 3rd in the series of trade summits, scaling out from the erstwhile successful U.S.-Nigeria Agribusiness investment Summit and aims to harness and showcase feasible and attractive investment opportunities across the huge U.S.-African Trade axis. The 3-day Summit will provide a powerful stage to engage and showcase appropriate technologies, inventions and enormous trade potentials.

A unique attraction is the opportunity to pitch with investors, deal and hold roundtable business discussions in key sectors including:
1. Agribusiness
2. Water and irrigation
3. Technology; Telecommunications and Innovation
4. Healthcare, Hospitality
5. Energy; Renewable Energy
6. Aviation,
7. Entertainment and Tourism
8. Infrastructure and Real Estate
9. Manufacturing
10. Maritime and Shipping
11. Waste Management and Environmental Remediation and Transportation
12. Mining and Solid Minerals

The overriding objective of the Summit is to help stimulate more trade, as well as
investment between the U.S. and Africa and more importantly, involve the
participation of the private sector companies, as well as foreign direct investments
in African countries.

USATIGS 2019 Highlight
1. Showcase existing business and investment opportunities across most sectors sectors; Oil,
2. Facilitate introductions and explore collaborations between Financiers, Stakeholders, Investors, Developers and Service providers.
3. Promote networking of businesses with investors, provide a platform for viable opportunities among participants, present clear and well documented businesses cases to equity and loan financiers with a vision to shape potential venture agreements.

U.S. Technical, Investment and Finance Participants
1. The summit conveners will partner with several Financial Powerhouses, Venture Capitalists, Private Equity funds and high-level Angel Investors interested in the African business market. This includes:
* Bank Of America
* First Boston
* Kpmg
* Merrill Lynch
* Goldman Sachs
* Sudarskis & Partners
* Trinity Capital Advisors
* Golden Gate Ventures
* Sovereign Wealth Fund
* Ackermann Group
* Fortune Empire

2. Businessmen and women from different sectors will have the opportunity to network and pitch their businesses to a carefully selected team of high-level Financial Powerhouses and Investors interested in finding viable business opportunities and
strategic partnerships in Africa. Overall, this summit is expected to offer tangible and palpable investments to all participants within business communities in all of Africa.

The Summit is convened by the U.S.-Nigeria Trade Council USA, and supported by
1. Nigeria Consulate office Atlanta.
2. Liberian Consulate in Atlanta.
3. Global Strategies for Good, LLC.
4. Ghana international Chamber of Commerce.
5. CrystalOrbit, LLC.
6. U.S.-African Trade Council.
7. Laurel Resources LLC.
8. Bada-Barawu and Company Limited (RC: 71197).
9. Partners across United States and several African Countries.



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