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Polaris Bank and Evolve Charity Extend Educational Support to Public Schools in Imo State

Polaris Bank has further demonstrated its commitment to advancing girl child education in Nigeria by generously donating educational materials to public secondary school pupils in Imo State in partnership with Evolve Charity.

As a component of its ongoing ‘Girl-Child Education Project’ and in accordance with its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework, Polaris Bank provided over 500 students at Akokwa High School, Iheme; Memorial School; and National High School, Aro Ndi Uzoogu, all in Imo State, with necessary school supplies.

In keeping with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) International Day of the female (IDG), the donation, which includes school uniforms, school bags, sandals, and various writing supplies, aims to empower and support female children through education. This program demonstrates Polaris Bank’s commitment to encouraging constructive community change.

Nwokoro Ifeyinwa, Business Development Manager at Polaris Bank’s Urualla Branch, spoke at the occasion and emphasized the transformational power of education. Our quest for knowledge holds the key to opening up countless chances. At Polaris Bank, we consider promoting girls’ education to be not just a commendable endeavor but also a calculated investment in the development of future leaders and agents of change. “Our partnership with Evolve Charity is a step toward creating a future in which every girl can aspirate without boundaries and succeed without limitations,” the statement read.

“Our collaboration with Polaris Bank goes beyond a partnership; it is a shared commitment to shaping a future where education is not just a gift but a promise,” said Godwin Ejeh, a representative of Evolve Charity Trust, in a speech that continued in this vein. Adopting these institutions entails taking on the duty of fostering character development in addition to academic advancement. Our goal is to establish an atmosphere in which educators and learners alike can flourish, imparting not only information but also lifelong principles.”

“With sincere thanks to God, our hearts are filled with joy, and we truly appreciate Polaris Bank and Evolve Charity for this wonderful opportunity,” said Akokwa High School student Imbomi Ikechekwu Kenneth in a moving statement. I am personally thrilled to be here at our school for Polaris Bank’s visit. Thank you to Evolve Charity and Polaris Bank.”

Another pupil, Agodi Blessing, expressed her appreciation. “We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Evolve Charity Trust and Polaris Bank for their kind charitable contributions. Realizing that free education for girls is essential in addressing one of the world’s problems—climate change.

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude on behalf of all the girls for these gifts and the wonderful opportunity you have provided us with this afternoon,” she added.

On behalf of the school administration and the students, the principals of the participating schools also sent their sincere gratitude, highlighting the initiative’s beneficial effects on the students’ academic growth.

Polaris Bank is steadfast in its commitment to create a future in which empowerment is sparked by education. The Bank is a shining example of digital excellence that is constantly redefining industry norms and changing the face of the Nigerian economy. Polaris Bank is eager to support additional ground-breaking projects that improve communities and open doors to a better future in partnership with Evolve Charity.

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