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Price Gains Across Most Commodities on the Exchange

Sorghum, maize, and soybean were the top traded commodities on the Exchange during the week. The price of maize reversed its upward trend from the previous week, declining by 3.97% on the Exchange and 1.56% in the open market. 

The prices of other commodities did, however, rise as expected, except for ginger, which topped the Exchange’s laggard chart. On the Exchange, investors saw a good return on their investment.

Following a spike in market activity over the past week, traders expect domestic market prices to continue their recovery.

Market Price Performance

  • The Exchange price of sorghum gained 28.86% W-o-W after maintaining same price for two consecutive weeks. Ginger and maize lost 14.16% and 3.97% respectively. On a Y-t-D basis, all commodities gained except ginger which fell by 0.63%.
  • W-o-W, open market prices of all the commodities increased except for maize which fell by 1.56%. Y-t-D. Cashew, paddy rice, and ginger gained 30.05%, 18.78% , and 10.47% respectively while maize and soybean fell by 17.39% and 10.04% respectively.
  • The international prices of all commodities fell when compared to the previous week except for paddy rice which gained 1.44%. Y-t-D performance of cocoa, cashew, and ginger fell by 13%, 4.55% and 4.05% respectively.

Check out other relevant details on market performance by accessing the report here.

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