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Price of Paddy Rice Soars 25.40% in a Week

Most commodities saw price increases in the open market last week, with Paddy Rice leading the pack with an impressive 8.25% weekly increase.

During the same time period, however, commodities prices fell in the worldwide market. Cocoa, on the other hand, was an anomaly, with a huge 1.58% gain week on week.

Market Price Development
Paddy Rice leads the Exchange with a stunning 25.40% weekly gain.
The last week saw an increase in commodity prices in the open market, with Paddy Rice standing out as the outstanding winner, with a phenomenal 8.25% increase week on week.

In contrast, the global market saw a drop in commodity prices during the same time period. Notably, cocoa was a surprising exception, with a significant week-on-week growth of 1.58%. Access the report here to get more information on market performance.

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