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Prince Claus Seed Awards 2021 for emerging Artists & Cultural Practitioners

Application Deadline: May 11th 2021

Building on 25 years of experience supporting, honouring and connecting artists and cultural practitioners in the fields of culture and development, the Prince Claus Fund is excited to issue an open call for the Prince Claus Seed Awards. 

The Prince Claus Fund will annually recognize 100 emerging artists and cultural practitioners within the first five years of their careers. With the Prince Claus Seed Awards we aim to contribute to flourishing arts scenes globally, where emerging artists can develop their practice on their own terms.   

For the Prince Claus Seed Awards, we are looking for emerging artists and cultural practitioners whose innovative work addresses pressing social and/or political issues within their own context.  Recipients are free to invest the Award of €5.000 in the development of their artistic practice. Through the Prince Claus Seed Awards we will be supporting the career development, creativity and experimentation of emerging artists and cultural practitioners around the globe.

The Prince Claus Fund will give 100 Awards to emerging artists and cultural practitioners, who will receive €5.000 to develop their cultural practice.

The Prince Claus Seed Awards are aimed at emerging artists and cultural practitioners who:

  • Are on average in the initial 1 – 5 years of their professional career;
  • Have an innovative and interesting artistic practice that addresses pressing social/political issues important within their local context;
  • Have received little to no recognition/support for their artistic/cultural practices, and are not yet recognised internationally.

With this open call for the Prince Claus Seed Awards we would like to invite emerging artists and cultural practitioners who live and work in our eligible countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe to apply for this award. Applicants are required to fill in an online application form, submit samples of their work, one reference letter and a pitch answering the question: ‘what drives you as an artist?’.

The deadline for the submission is May 11, 2021, at 23:59h Amsterdam Time

Before applying make sure you read:

You have to fill in your submission on our Prince Claus Awards Platform. Only completed submissions via our Prince Claus Awards Platform will be considered.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Prince Claus Seed Awards 2021

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