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Respond to Rapid Technological Disruption with KPMG Learning Services

KPMG has launched a digital platform and portfolio of services to help businesses respond to rapid technological disruption and new ways of working. With a focus on enabling productivity improvement, KPMG Learning Services integrates learning into the everyday flow of work, accelerates the upskilling process, and allows organizations to offer relevant resources and training at the time of need.

The platform builds on KPMG’s longstanding commitment to lifelong learning, our ongoing pledge to help unlock a prosperous and inclusive future for all through education, and Microsoft’s vision to create a connected “system of learning”.

KPMG Learning Services brings together the knowledge, experience, learning design, and technology skills and capabilities of KPMG professionals from across the globe to help improve individual and organizational performance. Employees and employers can benefit from automated and intelligent features, such as recommendation engines that provide rapid gap assessments and learning suggestions that directly relate to role requirements and everyday tasks. This ability for direct application creates a positive connection between performance and business impact, thus improving retention through positive feelings of productivity, empowerment and achievement.

On-demand availability helps to increase productivity and performance through curated learning paths and personalized content that is relevant and meaningful. With an increased ability for training in real time, the portfolio of solutions easily adapts to a hybrid working model by offering increased connectivity, collaboration and interaction that matches the needs of a more digitally enabled, geographically dispersed workforce.

In addition, organizations can leverage the accumulated data to design and deliver learning at pace and scale while ensuring ongoing relevance and applicability. KPMG Learning Services can be easily embedded into clients’ enterprise infrastructures. Built on Microsoft Azure, the platform is integrated with Microsoft 365, utilizes Teams for collaboration and works with Viva, so clients can make the most of their technology investments and bring learning to the very core of the organization.

With a number of successful client engagements using the platform already underway, including the delivery of a managed learning service for the UK Civil Service, KPMG is continuing to invest and develop a strong global learning solutions ecosystem. The ecosystem is powered by a world class consortium of alliances and like-minded organizations, with a local presence in the UK, US and Australia among others.

Together with clients, KPMG firms are co-designing the future of learning by increasing the speed to market for learning services and accelerating the upskilling process. With the future in mind, KPMG firms are also working together with clients to develop and deliver training to support the KPMG Connected Enterprise and Powered Enterprise portfolio of solutions, further enabling organizations and their workforces to remain engaged, agile and responsive.

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