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Rising market demand pushes commodities prices upwards

Market activity is exhibiting signs of recovery due to an increase in cash availability, which is supported by rising supply and demand. On a week-to-week basis, volumes settled on the Exchange have grown by a factor of two.

Open market prices have increased for the majority of commodities, with soybeans leading the way as the top gainer at 5.34% w-o-w. On the Exchange, we observed a mixed performance; however, soybeans stood out as the highest gainer at 3.69% week over week.

Due to advances in Ginger, the AFEX Export Index outpaced the AFEX Commodity Index. The former increased by 1.26% week over week while the latter slightly decreased by 0.77% week over week.

We expect continued upward pressure on commodity prices this week as a result of strong demand fueled by an increase in the cash supply. It is also anticipated that various items will become more expensive as a result of the impending Easter and Eid holidays.

Performance of Market Prices

  • The performance of price movement on the Exchange was inconsistent. With a 3.69% w-o-w increase, soybeans were the highest gainer on the list.
  • The open market likewise showed a trend in the same direction. The gainers chart was led by soybean, which saw a 5.34% w-ow gain.
  • All grains saw gains on the global market, with the exception of sorghum, which fell by 0.03%.
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