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ROAM Africa and Interview Mocha collaborate to transform how African organizations recruit talent

Ringier One Africa Media, ROAM Africa and Interview Mocha have signed a partnership agreement to transform the way African organizations recruit talent.

ROAM operates the leading career portals across East and West Africa and

 Interview Mocha provides candidate assessment software with the most comprehensive skill range. Together, the companies aim to provide an affordable and scalable way to empower employers to identify the top talent, by integrating candidate assessments into the hiring and application flow.

Finding the right talent to execute strategies is the largest internal challenge of African CEOs, according to a 2019 survey by consulting company Deloitte. Employers hiring are facing an increasingly larger number of applications, with up to thousands of applications per job and an inability to identify the best candidates at scale. Together with ROAM Africa’s BestMatch technology, the solution creates unparalleled opportunities to recruit at scale and ensure quality.

The new solution will be launched in the upcoming weeks and will be transformative across multiple dimensions, as it brings multiple elements together: deep insights through customized assessments, the mass scale of the leading job boards, as well as product affordability to ensure wide adoption.

Clemens Weitz, ROAM CEO states, “We believe that Africa is the future, and that talent is equally distributed across the world. Today we see largely broken recruitment markets, with most organizations hiring rarely the best available talent. We are pioneering a solution that will change this. We match the best talent into organizations and create happier employees, more productive teams and markets. Our new offering in partnership with Interview Mocha is cutting edge and will transform how employers select candidates.”

Amit Mishra, Interview Mocha CEO states, “I believe in the vision ROAM has for the African job market. We see a huge void in the best practices for recruiting, hence having a leak-proof recruitment environment adds immense value to the recruitment process. By integrating with ROAM’s existing solution we are certain to connect the best employees with employers.”

This is part of ROAM Africa’s wider matching and insights strategy. ROAM also aims at leveraging the data to create insights for jobseekers around their strengths and weaknesses, as well as with partner organizations to improve policy decision making and address wider employment and education issues.

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