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Safaricom Launches “Grow With Safaricom Business” platform for MSMEs

Safaricom has introduced the “Grow with Safaricom Business” engagement platform for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). This platform will serve as a space for MSMEs to share knowledge and collaborate in order to expand their businesses. Through a series of workshops and seminars held throughout the year, MSMEs will have the opportunity to exchange ideas on how to utilize digital technologies to improve their market reach, streamline operations, and establish a strong online presence.

Furthermore, experts will be available to provide guidance on navigating regulatory requirements to ensure compliance and sustainable growth. Cynthia Kropac, Chief Enterprise Business Officer at Safaricom, emphasized the importance of MSMEs in driving economic growth and prosperity in Kenya. The Grow with Safaricom Business series aims to empower MSMEs with the necessary knowledge and skills to accelerate their growth and overcome challenges such as digitization, limited market access, regulatory barriers, brand building, and digital marketing skills.

In addition to educational sessions, the platform will also provide ample networking opportunities for MSMEs to connect with peers, industry experts, and potential partners. Ms. Kropac expressed the company’s commitment to supporting MSMEs in the digital era by leveraging their extensive network, experience, and dedication to innovation. Safaricom offers a range of business solutions including Business Voice, Data and SMS, Cloud Solutions, Cybersecurity Solutions, Internet for Business, Internet of Things (IoT), and M-Pesa for Business, among others.

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