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Salescabal rebrands and now known as Bumpa

Nigeria’s internet retailer and stock administration Salescabal system has rebranded to Bumpa. The company has also unveiled a new logo and website, a move it says is part of its extensive rebranding initiative. 

Bumpa was created to help merchants and businesses manage inventory/products, fulfil orders and track sales, and accept online payments. 

The platform also helps business owners get a free customizable website to list products, request for logistics service to help them deliver physical products with ease as well as engage customers and much more on the go with their smartphones. 

 “Covid-19 pandemic made running a small business in Nigeria more difficult than it normally is and at the same time, provided an opportunity for businesses to leverage on technology tools. This is why we built Bumpa. Over the last few months, we poured our hearts and time into creating a new image that would accurately depict who we are, and the problem we are solving for merchants.” Kelvin Umechukwu, c-founder Bumpa said. 

Since its beta phase as Salescabal, the eCommerce solution says it has helped over 1,500 merchants go from operating their businesses offline to having a complete online presence with a storefront and a companion mobile application to help them collect customer data in their brick and mortar stores.

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