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Samsung introduces ‘Everyday SmartThings with Son’ campaign video

Samsung Electronics has released a promotional video titled “Everyday SmartThings with Son,” which stars global football sensation Son Heung-min. The video highlights Son Heung-min’s work with Samsung and includes footage of Son utilizing the tailored multi-device experience that the SmartThings lifestyle has to offer.

Son, who has been a Galaxy brand ambassador since the Unpacked event in July 2023, has collaborated with Samsung on the new SmartThings campaign. With an emphasis on Son’s perspective, the campaign focuses on entertainment, wellness, and energy conservation, all of which are topics of strong interest among customers worldwide.

The video, which features Son enjoying an improved daily lifestyle in a series of interviews, will be distributed via Samsung’s global social platforms. All of the devices in the video are connected to the SmartThings ecosystem. Not only are traditional home appliances such as TVs, air conditioners, and refrigerators covered, but also a variety of other gadgets such as speakers and lighting.

The movie emphasizes energy conservation by demonstrating the use of major features of the SmartThings app, such as SmartThings Energy and SmartThings Routines.

SmartThings Energy monitors energy use from various devices like as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and televisions in real time. It turns on AI Energy Mode before usage reaches higher pricing tiers, effectively lowering electricity costs.

Users can utilize the SmartThings Routines functionality to regulate household appliances based on preset times and circumstances. Son illustrates this in the campaign video with the “Going Out Routine,” which turns off appliances automatically when he leaves his house. Son can give more attention to other things to accomplish before heading out as a result of this function, while also minimizing wasteful energy usage, resulting in a more efficient daily routine.

Sync Your Leisure Time With Music and Hue Sync

Aside from energy-saving functions, SmartThings has features that improve leisure time at home. Music Sync delivers a dynamic home environment by synchronizing SmartThings-connected lighting with music played on a Galaxy device. Hue Sync serves a similar purpose, but with Samsung smart TVs, providing viewers with an immersive viewing experience whether watching their favorite movies, live events, or video games, for example.

In the video, Son employs these features through adaptive lighting, which creates a relaxing environment for him at home. Son may also use Gaming Mode to immerse himself in his favorite video games by synchronizing the color and movement of his home lighting with on-screen action.

The Galaxy Watch Can Monitor Your Health

The Galaxy Watch can display real-time workout data including as heart rate, calories burnt, and activity duration to users. Son may make the best use of this function with SmartThings by practicing core exercises while watching a football game on TV. He may see the data from his workout on his TV screen while watching the game. Individuals can exercise effectively while watching TV thanks to this clever integration.

“The system operates automatically, making the experience very simple,” says Son. I’ve discovered that using SmartThings allows me to spend more time at home while saving energy. It’s simple!”

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