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She Leads Africa Holds SLAY Festival January 21 in Yaba, Lagos

SLAY Festival is a one day celebration of all things incredible, magical, innovative, and entrepreneurial about us and we aren’t afraid to show it.
What can you expect from SLAY Festival:

  • Innovators who are going to keep it real on how they found success and you can too. This won’t be a talk shop – we will be spilling the tea, milo, coffee or whatever it is you like to sip on.
  • Activities that are fun and actually help your life. Want to learn how to build your own virtual reality app, we got you. Want to connect with the most popular beauty bloggers, we got you too. Want to try 7 different types of jollof rice just because that’s your one true love, don’t worry, we got you boo.
  • A marketplace with the best products and most delicious foods from young entrepreneurs who need your support.
  • Opportunities to connect directly with small business experts to learn how to maximize your business in 2017.
  • Fresh artists and hot jams that will have you two stepping around the festival grounds all day long.
  • Goodies on goodies on goodies. It will actually be appropriate for you to do take away here…with the goodies not the food. Please don’t embarrass us in front of the cameras.
  • A chance to bask in your greatness around other incredible people. You’re welcome.
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What you won’t see at SLAY Festival:

  • People that are too cool for school. If you don’t want to connect with new people, abeg stay home.
  • Lots of boring downtime. If it’s lame, we’re going home too.
  • Bad lighting. We are not amateurs. In all of your photos, you will be glowing like a glitter dipped unicorn that just got struck by lightning. Hashtag #blessed.
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The Particulars:

  • Date: Saturday January 21, 2017
  • Time: Starts at 12pm
  • Location: Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Tickets: N3,000 in advance
  • Dress code: Fresh. See example below.
Don’t live in Nigeria? Grab your passport and join us! ?? ?? ?? ??

What better opportunity to plan your world domination then by getting a group of friends to explore a new city, make relevant connections and stunt on your haters on Instagram.

Worried about your safety in Lagos? You shouldn’t. Afua’s been here for 4 years and hasn’t been kidnapped once and she looks very kidnappable. Hashtag #africangirlskillingit.

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We are so excited to be hosting our very first festival and we hope you’ll join us in January for what is sure to be an energizing experience.

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See you soon!

Yasmin and Afua

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