Start July strong with opportunities for your startup

ad3b7a63-fe74-434c-a8d2-adb9e4d3c47d.png Zambia 1d5c568f-a9f0-4dbf-91dc-6d51badb6efc.png Jul 19, 2024AICCRA Zambia Cohort 2The AICCRA program by CGIAR offers agribusinesses with a presence in Zambia the opportunity to acquire scaling grant of USD 30K, networking, technical assistance and agronomic, commercial & scientific support.More info & Apply
@iBizAfrica Pitch FridayThis program gives innovators the opportunity to pitch their ideas to business mentors, entrepreneurs & investors. Selected participants will join a 3-month innovation program.More info & Applyad3b7a63-fe74-434c-a8d2-adb9e4d3c47d.png Kenya 1d5c568f-a9f0-4dbf-91dc-6d51badb6efc.png Jul 19, 2024
ad3b7a63-fe74-434c-a8d2-adb9e4d3c47d.png Kenya 1d5c568f-a9f0-4dbf-91dc-6d51badb6efc.png Jul 07, 20242024 AYuTe Africa Challenge KenyaThis competition targeting AgriTech startups in Kenya offers 20 winners cash prize of up to KSH 3.5M each, incubation, investment connections, networking, training, and mentorship opportunities.More info & Apply
AI for Climate Resilience in Emerging MarketsMercy Corps Ventures calls for AI-focused climate resilience proposals from startups & organizations. Selected pilots receive equity-free grants, mentorship, and partnership opportunities.More info & Applyad3b7a63-fe74-434c-a8d2-adb9e4d3c47d.png Global 1d5c568f-a9f0-4dbf-91dc-6d51badb6efc.png Jul 21, 2024
ad3b7a63-fe74-434c-a8d2-adb9e4d3c47d.png Zambia 1d5c568f-a9f0-4dbf-91dc-6d51badb6efc.png Jul 31, 2024ITC Entry-Level Online SellingThis program offers entrepreneurs in Zambia access to learn digital literacy, e-commerce, digital marketing, and business management with both hands-on, and online training & tailored learning materials.More info & Apply
Featured events
ASENTI 2024ASENTI 2024 offers networking with key African stakeholders, insights into market trends, economic integration, and exploration of Ghana’s entrepreneurial ecosystem & tourism.More info & Joinad3b7a63-fe74-434c-a8d2-adb9e4d3c47d.png Tema, Ghana 1d5c568f-a9f0-4dbf-91dc-6d51badb6efc.png Sep 26 – 27, 2024
ad3b7a63-fe74-434c-a8d2-adb9e4d3c47d.png Johannesburg, South Africa 1d5c568f-a9f0-4dbf-91dc-6d51badb6efc.png Aug 11, 2024SheConverge Annual SummitThis summit for women in South Africa promises new connections, panel discussions, and workshops, followed by an evening Networking Gala Dinner to celebrate achievements.More info & Join

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