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Submit a proposal to conduct research under the CFI Fellows Program

The Center for Financial Inclusion is proud to announce the release of our request for proposals for the 2018 cohort of the CFI Fellows Program, made possible through the generous support of FMO and Accion. We invite interested researchers to submit a proposal, selecting from the list of topics presented in the RFP (available here). Proposals are due to Tess Johnson ([email protected]) by July 27, 2018 at 11:59pm EDT.

Now in its third year, the CFI Fellows Program continues its focus on responding to some of the most pressing unanswered questions facing the financial inclusion sector today. This year’s topics were sourced through consultations with a range of actors both internally and among key informants―as well as CFI blog readers. We are accepting proposals on the following topics:

  • How do financial institutions use mass APIs, open APIs, custom APIs and bespoke partnerships to partner effectively with fintechs to reach the underserved?
  • How do electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) and other electronic filing mandates enable financial services providers to make better decisions about MSME lending? Have more MSMEs become financially included as a result of these efforts?
  • How can employers in developing countries support the financial health of their employees?
  • What is the landscape of financial products and services designed to meet previously underserved consumers’ (physical) health needs?

We have had fellows who are university professors, independent consultants, and ones who were able to build the fellowship into their “day job.” We accept proposals from people of all levels of seniority, all levels of education, and all parts of the globe. See the full RFP with submission instructions here.

If you know someone who would be interested in applying to become a CFI Fellow, please feel free to pass on this email or make an email introduction to Tess Johnson at tj[email protected].

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