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Tata International to start operations at Lagos Free Zone

Tata International and the Lagos Free Zone (LFZ) have formed a strategic collaboration that would enable the company to grow its activities in Nigeria. Len Brand, the managing director of Tata Africa Holdings Pty Ltd, signed the agreement in front of Anand Sen, the managing director of Tata International Limited. This is a critical turning point in the business’s dedication to the area.

Tata International has a long history spanning more than 40 years and has significantly influenced the economic climate on the African continent. Since opening for business in Nigeria in 2006, Tata International has significantly impacted the nation while preserving the fundamental principles of Tata’s corporate social responsibility and business ethics.

Tata International, a company known for high-quality goods and moral business practices throughout Africa, is thrilled to be a part of the Lagos Free Zone. Anand Sen, MD of Tata International, states, “This strategic move reflects our commitment to fueling growth in Nigeria and the wider African continent.”

LFZ is located in Lekki, the sunrise development corridor designated by the Lagos State Government to drive industrialization over the next 20 years. It is promoted by Tolaram, a Singaporean company with over 40 years of expertise in Nigeria. The purpose of the deal with LFZ is to improve Tata International’s operational capabilities in the area through the leasing of a cutting-edge 6000 square meter facility within LFZ.

“Tata International’s continued dedication to its long-standing presence in Nigeria and throughout the African continent is demonstrated by its participation in the Lagos Free Zone. Our partnership with Tolaram demonstrates our commitment to promoting economic expansion and heightened competitiveness. Len Brand, MD of Tata Africa Holdings, continued, “We hope that this relationship will result in increased efficiency, innovation, and specialization in the region.

Important leaders from Tata International, Tolaram, and Lagos Free Zone attended the signing ceremony, which was held in the region of the Lagos Free Zone. The occasion marks the beginning of a new chapter in the two countries’ relationship, with the goal of advancing regional economic growth and drawing in fresh capital to Nigeria, which is acknowledged as one of the continent’s major economies.

“Tata International is unwavering in its mission to establish and maintain connections throughout Africa. The company’s reaffirmation of its dedication to generating opportunities and improving the local community is demonstrated by its entrance into the Lagos Free Zone. We will not back down from our commitment to expand our already significant presence throughout Africa,” Brand said.

“We are delighted that Tata International, one of our most prestigious international clients, has decided to expand their operations in Nigeria through our ready-to-lease Standard Industrial Facility at the LFZ,” said Navin Nahata, a member of the Tolaram Board and the Managing Director of its infrastructure and fintech business. We are dedicated to helping Tata International through its next stage of expansion in Nigeria.

“The Lekki Port, the deepest seaport in the area, is uniquely connected with the Nigerian Free Zone (LFZ), the country’s first and only free zone that opened for business in April 2023. As a result, LFZ offers a special position that will give our cherished tenants easy and affordable access to local, regional, and global markets, according to Dinesh Rathi, CEO and Managing Director at lAGOS FREE ZONE

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