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Tekedia Institute Adds and Expands Courses in Selected Programs

Tekedia Institute has announced more courses and courseware in the following programs:
 1.Tekedia Startup Masterclass: from Startup to Unicorn
2. Tekedia Practice with Internship (agribusiness, digital tech, energy)
3. Tekedia Industries (agribusiness, digital tech, new energy)

The courses are as follows:
1. Starting a business: key legal components (Nigeria, USA): examines critical legal issues including founders agreement, NDA, etc.
2. Fundraising for Startups and new businesses: explains pitch deck, fundraising narratives, cap table, term sheet, etc.
3. Building the first version of your product
4. How to listen to customers
5. Go-to-market and influencer marketing strategies
6. How to hire your startup initial technical staff

The courseware will go live on Monday, July 18, 2022 in the Board. We continue to welcome feedback on areas members want the Institute to deepen materials. Many sample documents like founders agreement, SAFE agreement, etc are already in the Board. (The list of all Tekedia Institute programs is available here)

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