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Tekedia Institute Launches Tekedia for Enterprise – School Within Your Organization: Get Your License

Tekedia Institute is excited to announce that it has launched a new program – Tekedia for Enterprise. Tekedia for Enterprise is an organization-wide training service which makes it possible for workers or learners to take our courses on a client’s website or portal without having to come to Tekedia. Through an API-based system, we enable the client to distribute the courseware (written materials, videos, etc) to the staff or learners within the client’s ecosystem.

We offer two licenses (1) Enterprise License for companies and (2) Training License for schools. We invite schools, HR consultants, companies, etc to take advantage of this program as we continue to educate and train learners on business management and broad mastery of entrepreneurial capitalism.Here are some major attributes of Tekedia for Enterprise:

School within your organization – with the courseware hosted locally in your portal, your team can learn anytime. This motivates them, boosts productivity and helps you to execute the organizational mission more effectively.

Business growth & innovation– as you grow your workforce with world-class in-demand courses, and topics, which they need in order to stay current and innovate, you position your organization for success through innovation. With Tekedia for Enterprise, you connect learning to business outcomes.

Seamless training, cost efficient – for both business and training institutions,, with Tekedia for Enterprise, your staff or learners remain in your ecosystems, and would not be required to come to Tekedia for training. Why? You have the in-demand world-class courseware hosted in your platform via our APIs. This helps you maximize value, saving you money.

Boost morale, drive retention – Tekedia Institute will easily serve as a partner to develop new courses to meet areas where new skills are needed in your organization. With fresh, high quality courseware, a highly productive and engaged team emerges, boosting retention.

Live sessions, on your invitation – besides the pre-recorded courseware, Tekedia Institute, on your invitation, will attend your enterprise-wide meetings and deliver presentations, at no extra-cost.

Free admission to Tekedia Mini-MBA – we will invite all members of the organization covered by the active license to enroll, at no extra cost, in Tekedia Mini-MBA. Learn more about this program.

Email [email protected] to indicate an interest. We will arrange an initial Zoom meeting with you to understand the needs, and once that is completed, we will send our prices. There is no scheduled start time; we are ready once a client is ready to start.

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