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Tekedia Institute Unveils Internship Placements To Support Learners

To assist learners, Tekedia Institute has unveiled a new program. Several students have been placed for internships by Tekedia during the past few quarters in national and international businesses (or industrial attachments). Examining the results has also taken time. The good news is that data support the notion that this procedure adds value for learners.

As a result, Tekedia is making the application process available to all students who could be interested in both full- and part-time internships at businesses. Tekedia Institute does not profit financially from this; instead, it just suggests students to potential employers based on the Capstones, Homeworks, etc. that we have on file. An internship is already a part of the curriculum for Tekedia Practice (agricultural, digital technology, a

Open Opportunity: A US-based neobank is looking for PAID graduate interns. Find out whether you qualify by going here.

In the meanwhile, Tekedia is interested in hearing from companies searching for interns. Please email [email protected] with your requests, including the position and qualifications, location (on-site or remote), length, pay (if applicable), and any additional criteria like work permits.

Remember that early bird registration discounts are still available here for the Tekedia Mini-upcoming MBA’s edition, which runs from June 5 to September 2, 2023. Get them to register by spreading the word to their friends, coworkers, etc. The Institute will determine how organizations will position themselves and succeed in the future, which artificial intelligence (AI) is projected to anchor and power. This edition is titled “AI in Business.”

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