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Tekedia Unveils Tekedia Corporate Town Hall and Consultancy with Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe

Tekedia Institute unveils a new program: “Tekedia Town Hall and Consultancy with Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe“. It is a live program which takes place on Zoom. It focuses on business strategies, mechanisms, models, frameworks, etc, which companies of all sizes can deploy to win new markets and territories.

Like the ancestral town halls, it is designed to be unit-, department- or company-wide with Prof Ekekwe as a guest. The overriding objective is to provide a platform where companies can get insights from an external thought-leader, helping them to refine, upgrade and execute their missions better.

Indeed, as the global economy is being rattled and redesigned due to many factors, this program will help your organization deepen capabilities to survive and thrive, despite any economic upheaval. We have developed playbooks and protocols which your team will find useful in your operations.

The program will run for three hours on Zoom. Prof Ekekwe will make a presentation for 60 minutes with specific focus on the client’s sector. The subsequent minutes will be for Questions/Answers and interactive engagements with the participants. We expect the conversations to focus on the frictions and wins the company is experiencing. Tekedia Institute will provide perspectives, drawing from our practical industry and academic experiences.

To learn more and register your company, go here and pay N450,000 naira (or US$1,000). Once done, our team will send you a calendar to pick a time for the session.

Events: Tekedia has the following events scheduled:

Topic: Business and Personal Economy Scenario Mapping During Economic Upheaval
Time: Saturday, May 28 at 4pm WAT
Presenter: Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe, Tekedia Institute
Zoom link (Free): click here for the Zoom link

Tekedia CollegeBoost Graduation (ASUU Strike Batch)
Tuesday, May 31 2022 at 7pm WAT
Presenters: Tekedia Institute, Patrons and Sponsors
Zoom link in the CollegeBoost board

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