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Telefanz vs. TikTok: The Battle for Social Media Supremacy

The new social media platform, “Telefanz” (, was officially launched this June with the slogan ‘Social Media Made Better’. Standing out with SocialFi features, it competes with top platforms like TikTok. “Telefanz” offers Approved & Verified Content Creators, original content, and a secure community, supporting 17 languages.

Andrew George, the Founder of “Telefanz”, highlights that users can find inspiration and entertainment on a secure platform where genuine photos and videos are easily accessible.

Verified Accounts are accessible to all users. “Telefanz” allows quick registration via Email, Google, or Apple Login. Users can search for Content Creators based on categories and follow those that match their interests. Moreover, users can request verification in their profile settings without needing a minimum number of followers.

DataReportal insights reveal that TikTok alone had 171 million users in the MENA region in January 2024. Additionally, Statista reports that 62.6% of the global population, equivalent to 5.07 billion people, use at least one social media platform. “Telefanz” enters this high adoption market as the newest contender.

Telefanz social media platform - social media made better

Telefanz offers a more equitable revenue model for Content Creators. Approved Creators have the opportunity to earn Coinzz, the platform’s currency, through their posts and Livestreams. Additionally, users can gift Coinzz ranging from 1 to 50,000 to their favorite Creators. These currencies can be utilized within the Telefanz platform, and Creators also have the option to convert their earned Coinzz into real currency on the Telefanz website. Notably, every 1,000 Coinzz earned corresponds to 5 US Dollars, providing Content Creators with a 50 percent share, in contrast to the 35 percent offered by other platforms. This fairer profit distribution is one of the key features that sets Telefanz apart from other social media platforms.

Telefanz encompasses all the familiar features that internet users have come to expect from social media platforms, including liking, sharing, commenting, light/dark mode, chat, livestreaming, notification history, profile creation, and hashtags.

Mr. Andrew George emphasizes the need for significant changes in the social media world, stating, “It’s time to see considerable changes in the social media world.” He highlights Telefanz as a highly secure platform that prioritizes data security and moderation more than its competitors. Each post undergoes instant checks before going live to ensure a safe environment for users. Telefanz aims to connect users in a secure environment while offering unlimited benefits to streamers, influencers, and individuals who enjoy engaging with captivating videos and photos. For further information about Telefanz, available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store, please visit

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