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The 2015 Lagos International Trade 3. Friday 6th– Sunday 15th November, 2015

General Information


  1. The 2015 Lagos International Trade Fair is organised by the Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industry. The Fair which is staged with the support and co-operation of the Federal and the State Governments covers all aspects of business and economic activities in Nigeria. It offers a unique exposition for manufacturers, suppliers, buyers and users of a wide range of goods and services as well as opportunities for investment and trade promotion.


  1. VENUE

The Fair will take place at the Main Arena, Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos in Lagos, Nigeria with a total exhibition space of over 40,000m2.

  1. DATE
    Friday 6th– Sunday 15thNovember, 2015
    The main objectives of the Fair are to promote the following:
    (a) The revitalisation and diversification of the Nigerian economy;
    (b) Nigeria’s non-oil exports;
    (c) Accelerated development of commerce and industry;
    (d) Made-in-Nigeria products;
    (e) Agriculture and agro-based industry;
    (f) The evolution of Nigeria’s trade with the outside world;
    (g) Direct attention to the role of the private sector in the Nigerian economy; and
    (h) Prospects for foreign and local investments in strategic areas.
    It is anticipated that the fair will attract about 500,000 visitors from within and outside the Country including businessmen, investors, customers, top government officials and representatives
    of Nigeria’s important trading houses and those seeking joint-venture partnerships.
    – Business organisations in Nigeria;
    – Foreign organisations and Governments; ECOWAS member States;
    – Diplomatic Missions and trade Representatives;
    – Federal and State Government-owned Companies;
    – Agencies and Parastatals; as well as
    – Research and Educational institutions
    (a) Lagos is the gate-way and commercial nerve centre of Nigeria. With about 150 million people, Nigeria is the largest market in Africa. Lagos is the hub of Nigeria’s business and economic activities as well as its main port of entry.
    (b) The Fair is an important regular business occurrence aimed at a special audience which includes professionals, businessmen and investors.
    (c) The Fair is for Nigerian enterprises seeking wider access to internal markets as well as international markets and investors seeking joint-venture partners and markets for intermediate and capital goods in Nigeria and the ECOWAS community.
    In line with the country’s development priorities, special emphasis will be given to products and services in the following sectors.
    (a) Agriculture and Food Production
    – Crop production and seed multiplication.
    – Irrigation.
    – Handling/Storage/Processing equipment and machines.
    – Livestock
    – Fishing
    – Primary food preservation and processing
    – Food Beverages – New products

(b) Building and Construction materials and systems
– Building materials.
– Building and Civil Engineering plants.
– Construction equipment
– Sewage and water treatment plants and systems.
– Town planning and environmental sanitation.

(c) Plants and Equipments:

– Consumer goods production plants and machinery.
– Materials handling & Storage Equipment.
– Metal working Equipment
– Machine Tools
– Woodworking Machinery
– Maintenance Equipment

(d) Oil and Gas 
– Exploration and Production
– Refining and Marketing
– Petro-chemical Products e.g. Fertilizers, carbon black, resins and plastics.

(e) Mining and Energy
– Mining Equipment
– Electrical Equipment
– Power Generation/Distribution
– Solar, hydro & Renewable energy

(f) Automobile & Allied Products
– Passenger vehicles
– Heavy duty trucks and vehicles
– Automotive component and spare parts.
– Aircraft, Airport Equipment.
– Railway and Ports Engineering Components.

(g) ICT & Telecommunications
– Communication Equipment
– Electronics
– Telephones
– Internet and Fax
– Mobile phone/smart Phones
– Mobile phones and accessories
– Computers and accessories
– Software Development

(h) Business Equipment/Data Processing/ Printing Technologies
– Business and Accounting Machines
– Computer and Data processing Machines.
– Training and Education
– Publications & stationeries
– Educational Systems and Equipment.
– Scientific Technologies breakthrough
– Research Findings
– Scientific Innovation
– Engineering & Technical Teaching Equipment

(i) Security & Safety Equipment

– Health Safety &Environment HSE
– Safety and Protective Clothing
– Fire Protection and Fire Fighting Equipment.
– Security Systems

(j) Banking and Finance Services
– Commercial and Merchant Banking Services.
– Development Finance
– Money and Capital / Market
– Insurance
– Financial Trading

(k) Personal Care & Household Product
– Scientific &Medical Teaching Equipment
– Cosmetics
– Beauty Products
– Cleaning Products
– Household & Domestic Product
– Pharmaceutical &Healthcare
– Sport and Recreational Equipment
– Medication
– Hospital/ Medical Equipment

(l) Furniture, Fittings & Interior Décor
– Hinges, Joinery & wardrobe fitting
– Furniture Locks
– Window –Door Fittings
– Cabinet and Drawers
– Curtains, Window Blind
– Couch, Table, Chair &Bed
– Interior Décor
– Furniture Accessories

(m) Fashion, Textile & Clothing
– Jewelries
– Wears
– Perfumes &Deodorant
– Sunglasses and Shades
– Weave on, Wigs, attachment
– Gift Items

(n) Food and Drinks
– Cafeteria & Restaurant
– Hoteliers and Caterers
– Bakeries and Confectioneries
– Snacks, Beverages, Milk Drinks
– Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Drinks
– Wines
– Food Seasoning &Technologies


The Lagos International Trade Fair is the premier International Trade Fair in Nigeria. The spectacular 10-day event, which usually begins on the first Friday in November of every year since 1981. The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which is the oldest and highly influential in Nigeria, took over the organisation of the fair in 1986 and has been staging the fair annually to date. Within this period, the Lagos International Trade Fair has grown tremendously in popularity to become a leading forum for trade and business promotion in Nigeria, and indeed Africa. The Chamber is uniquely aware of the high standards expected of an International Trade Fair, and it is, therefore, constantly striving to live up to this expectation. Moreover, the Chamber comprises the crème of Nigeria’s top business organisations and personalities, who are able and ready to enter into business interactions with their counterparts all over the world.

In recognition of its importance and usefulness, increasing numbers of exhibitors and visitors from all over Nigeria and the world at large are taking keen interest in, and patronising, the Lagos International Trade Fair.The fair holds in Lagos, the Commercial and Industrial heartland of Nigeria, which is easily accessible by air, sea and land.

The Fair has attracted both local and foreign exhibitors over the years. Since 1986 when the organisation of the Fair was taken over by LCCI, the participation of local and foreign exhibitors has been growing steadily.The Trade Fair in most recent years, had been held either at Tafawa Balewa Square in the heart of Lagos Island or the Lagos International Trade Fair Complex along Lagos Badagry Expressway, Lagos.

This year, it will be held for the fourth consecutive years, at the Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos. More importantly, competent and experienced members of the Trade Promotion Board, staff and contractors of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry are ever willing and ready to assist participants at the Fair by providing up-to-date business information and attending promptly to enquiries from exhibitors and visitors to the Fair.The Lagos International Trade Fair enjoys wide publicity in the electronic and print media throughout its ten (10) day duration before and even after; thereby presenting a unique opportunity for Exhibitors to advertise their products, services, inventions and innovations to both Nigerian and Foreign audience. The Fair is usually supported by the Federal and Lagos State Governments, and is always well attended by numerous Government agencies seeking new ideas, inventions and innovations necessary for the attainment of the objectives for which they were set up.

The fair provides opportunities for various trade groups and professionals to present new products and new ideas. Also, our foreign visitors have the privilege of visiting places of interest in the country through our hospitality and tourism programmes. Moreover, eminent dignitaries and decision makers from all over Nigeria visit the Fair on a daily basis throughout its duration.The Fair brings into focus the full potentials and business opportunities existing in Nigeria.

For more information or enquiries, please contact:

The Director, Membership & Trade Promotion
Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry
1st Floor, Commerce House
1, Idowu Taylor Street, Victoria, Island, Lagos.
Tel: 01-7732305(D/L), 01-2120651

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