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The 2021 Global Digital Economy Conference to be held in Beijing, China

The “2021 Global Digital Economy Conference” will be held from August 2 to 3 in Beijing, according to a press conference held by the Beijing Municipal People’s Government on Friday.

The theme of the conference is “Innovation-led and Data-Driven: Building a Benchmark City for Global Digital Economy”.

The conference will launch three characteristic activities: the Experiential Week for Digital Economy, the 2021 Global Digital Economy Innovation Competition and an exchange event for entrepreneurs.

During the Experiential Week for Digital Economy, visitors can perceive digitization in daily life through digital scenarios, Internet-famous places and digital consumption in more than 40 exhibition halls, business districts, city parks and information consumption centers.

Based on the development trend of the digital economy industry, the 2021 Global Digital Economy Innovation Competition has started project recruitment on July 2 in four fields of life and health, digital culture, digital trade, and advanced manufacturing.

An exchange event for entrepreneurs is committed to discussing digital transformation in traditional industries, life changes brought about by digital technology and the future development of digital commerce. The event aims to build a high-end platform for communication and cooperation between government and enterprises in digital economy

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