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The 2022 AFEX Annual Crop Production Report to be presented on November 16th

Every season, trends influence the production and output volumes of commodities in our food systems.  This makes it pertinent to leverage accurate and reliable data to track the supply and demand of food and unlock the potential of commodities for the benefit of every key player in the agricultural value chain.

Join us along with industry experts, and key stakeholders as we unveil our 2022 Crop Production Report on Wednesday, 16th November 2022 at 12:00 pm on Zoom. We aim to review the new trends in the agricultural value chain, get market insights, and spotlight trends that will inform price and volume movements for the 2022/2023 wet season. Register Here

The report seeks to focus on these specific objectives;
A. Understanding the planting behavior of AFEX & non-AFEX farmers in the 2022 wet season
B. Forecasting expected volume of production for the year
C. Providing an outlook for commodity prices
D. Making recommendations to boost Nigeria’s crop production capability

This webinar will also help you sync data in real-time to understand the predictable changes in food prices seasonality, show key insights into the agricultural value chain, and improve your commodities evaluation knowledge.

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