The Amazon Web Services Healthcare Accelerator Global Cohort for Workforce 2023 is Now Open

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Healthcare Accelerator 2023 is now accepting applications. The AWS Healthcare Accelerator is a four-week virtual technical, business, and mentorship program that will scale high potential businesses with a particular emphasis on the pressing issues of healthcare burnout, training, retention, and workforce deployment.

The program is distinctive and gives each participating organization the freedom to choose its own objectives and priorities. Companies participating in the program will gain access to AWS’s technical and commercial knowledge, which will be tailored to their needs and goals.

The accelerator will assist entrepreneurs in using AWS cloud technology to address the most difficult problems in healthcare. Selected entrepreneurs will develop and expand their cloud-based healthcare solutions in collaboration with AWS technical professionals.

Participants in the program receive:

  • AWS computing credits, healthcare, business, and more than 50 hours of unique content sessions
  • Assistance from business model experts, regulatory pathway plans, product safety and effectiveness studies, linkages with electronic health records and other clinical information systems, and clinical deployment planning from the healthcare industry
  • Opportunities for cooperation between AWS healthcare clients and APN members looking for healthcare solutions
  • The ability to engage with people through the AWS, AlchemistX, and Plexal global networks in order to eventually secure collaborations and trial projects

The program is Open to

  • Training the Workforce: This entails innovation that enhances and customizes learning in areas like Continuous Professional Development and facilitating quick upskilling of digital skills within the workforce.
  • Utilizing technology such as machine learning for personalized learning and quick assessments, VR/AR simulation training for healthcare, and enablement training for new ways of working are all examples of eligible solutions.
  • Retaining Workforce: This entails innovation aimed at lowering individual workloads and burnout through the elimination of friction in routine procedures and systems, empowering new working practices, and support in areas like wellbeing and flexible working.
  • Utilizing technology to simplify clinical procedures, automating repetitive or routine operations, upskilling existing roles, lowering the load of documentation, and outsourcing fundamental duties to AI-enabled solutions are all examples of eligible solutions.
  • Technology that supports the transition to new working practices in healthcare in virtual wards, community settings, and home care settings is referred to as “deploying workforce.”
  • A mobile workforce may be safely deployed at the point of care with the help of information interchange, remote solutions, interoperability, and patient-empowering collaborative tools that eliminate pointless and repetitive chores.

Application Deadline is January 8, 2023 Click here to apply For more details and information visit AWS Healthcare Accelerator.

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